Thousand Oaks CA Moves Closer To Joining SB54 “Sanctuary State” Challenge

By Greg Aprahamian

After weeks of pressure and behind the scenes maneuvering, the Thousand Oaks City Council announced on Tuesday May 1, that it would put the SB54 court challenge on the June 5th or June 19 City Council agenda. Some were unhappy with the delay. The reason given for this was the availability of County Sheriff Geoff Dean. It is unclear what other measures they might consider.

This was the third and largest Thousand Oaks City Council meeting where growing numbers of grassroots activists have attended to specifically ask the city council to take action against SB54.

Meeting AGENDA  Video to follow

SB54 Opponents Abounded

The meeting was packed overwhelmingly with those speaking out against SB54.  About 25 spoke on the matter. Five were in favor of SB54. The mood in the room was upbeat because of the growing numbers of those coming to speak against SB54 and the Council’s announcement that they would finally put it on the agenda.

Ventura County Trump Coordinator Lea Dowell Williams speaking at 5-1-18 Thousand Oaks City Council meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/


Michael Greer at 5-1-18 Thousand Oaks City Council meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/


Colleeen Bush at 5-1-18 Thousand Oaks City Council meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/

At least four legal immigrants at the Council meeting spoke out against SB54 and questioned why illegal aliens incarcerated in CA prisons should be held above legal immigrants and above Federal law enforcement.

One speaker recounted how as a legal immigrant she had to undergo FBI background checks of every country she had lived in prior to coming to the US, and what an amazing  double standard it was for the State of California to protect illegal aliens incarcerated in California prisons from Federal law enforcement.

Don Rosenberg spoke about how sanctuary policies directly led to the killing of his son by an illegal alien.  Moved by Don Rosenberg’s presentation the audience gave Don a standing ovation after he finished speaking.

Don Rosenberg blames San Diego policies for murder of his son by a criminal illegal alien, opposes SB54- more of the same. Photo: Marc Langsam/

(From Tim Stevens) Please find attached the information that was supplied to the city council members this evening by Dr. Kevin McNamee as well as his talking points:

2018 03 14 Illegal Immigration Summary Overview

Immigration Book ver 7 final

Dr. Kevin McNamee speaking at 5-1-18 Thousand Oaks City Council meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/

SB54 Advocates Weigh In

Overall the Council meeting was polite and friendly.  A minority of around 4-5 people spoke in favor of SB54, and the audience gave them a few jeers in response, but things remained generally polite.

Sb54 advocate . Photo: Marc Langsam/

Indivisible Conejo Leader Jon Cummings again spoke in favor of SB 54. His speech manuscript, as follows,  is pretty close to what he delivered:

SB54 advocate and Indivisible Conejo leader Jon Cummings at 5-1-18 Thousand Oaks City Council meeting. Photo: Marc Langsam/

Greg Aprahamian speaking at 5-1-18 Thousand Oaks City Council meeting on SB54. Photo: Marc Langsam/CitizensJournal.,us

My message to the City Council was that the challenge to SB54 was truly a grassroots effort by Californians and it was only a small minority of far Left extremist who supported SB54 and that the public doesn’t support SB54 because we don’t benefit from it.  I added that I was from Santa Clarita and then invited everyone in attendance to come to our May 8th City Council meeting to help Santa Clarita join the SB54 court challenge.

– Greg Aprahamian

Greg Aprahamian is a Santa Clarita activist.

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5 Responses to Thousand Oaks CA Moves Closer To Joining SB54 “Sanctuary State” Challenge

  1. Lauren January 29, 2019 at 5:38 pm

    Thanks to Trump. Illegal aliens can no longer claim children on their tax returns. Yes! I don’t care for Trump, but there is a method to his mad ideas and I’m starting to like it. Yes to the border wall. Big business took my job and knowingly kept an illegal alien with children. Let them fix their own economy.

  2. Anne January 29, 2019 at 5:29 pm

    I very strongly feel that we should take a stronger stand against illegal aliens. It is truly wrong to put those who go through the right channels to enter legally, only to see some cross over illegally with no back lash. People are afraid to speak up at city council meetings. I know people who have kids so she can stay here. I feel this isn’t fair. She has a job. Doesn’t like that she can no longer use them as a tax write off. I lost my job. I don’t have kids. Can’t afford them. My grand parents came here through Ellis Island, legally. People, wake up! US dollars get sent south of the border, wrecking our economy! If you like them so much, you sponsor them, take them into your home, pay for them or go live in their country. Why can’t we do more to initiate change in Mexico, instead? Then crossing the border would not be such a temptation.

  3. Anonymous Concerned Resident June 5, 2018 at 1:03 pm

    I really hope that SB54 does not pass. What type of message does this send tonthe illegal immagtants? That they can put in no hard work and stay? That they have no consequences. I’m am all for LEGAL immigration. I support people trying to improve their lives and getting fresh start but there are laws in place for a reason. A law like this is contradictory to the laws already in place for immigration. My husband is an immagtant and he worked damn hard to move here the right way. He busted his butt making pennies to save enough to pay for a lawyer and all the necessary paperwork. Meanwhile I know a woman, a Thousand Oaks resident who is now married to an illegal immigrant. Is he a nice guy? Sure he is, not saying that illegal immigrants equal a criminal but I do know that he is committing fraud and stealing someone else’s social security number. I know that he has no children of his own but gets a hefty tax return because he’s claimming 5 of his cousins back in Mexico. While that doesn’t make him dangerous, he’s committing fraud and abusing the system. This is not right and more of this will happen. My legal immagtant husband is even against this. I mean he could have just moved here illegally too and it would have saved him a ton of money but that wouldn’t be right.

    Please don’t let this pass.

  4. Tanya Douglas May 2, 2018 at 10:19 pm

    Thank for getting involved this law is not right. I work to take care of illegals and their children. They are taking our jobs. Whats next? Open borders, more drugs, more of our children on meth. People please this is a bad idea. Our country is going downhill.

  5. Denise Pedrow May 2, 2018 at 5:25 pm

    So glad to see the TO City Council is starting to listen to the people. I attended the last two city council meetings in Thousand Oaks and found the May 1st meeting at the Thousand Oaks Public Library to be incredibly positive and fun….yes, fun! The energy and good-will of the people is apparent in smiles and warm handshakes. I encourage other citizens in the community to come out and enjoy the electric energy at your city council meetings!


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