Truly Compassionate Immigration is Americans First



by Naomi Fisher

I feel empathy and sorrow for all the hopeful immigrants waiting to come to this county, but I cringe at the lifestyle they have been forced to live and how they are living right now.

However some of the people protesting should understand our country cannot take care of any more people because it is not taking care of those of us already here. We simply cannot keep accepting more and more people because we are functioning as a healthy country.

Please look at this list and consider:

  1. Inefficiency in the way our Government is governing
  2. Cost of National debt, state debts, city debts out of control. And who owns most of our Government’s markers? Russia and China! A scary thought.
  3. Schools failing to educate students
  4. Drought and floods killing crops, reducing food supplies
  5. Overcrowded cities
  6. Overcrowded streets and freeways
  7. Gang violence out of control and getting worse. Whether it is intentional or not, they are causing a civil war within our borders!
  8. Terrorism within our cities and suburbs. If one looks at psychological studies, much of violence and terrorism might come from overcrowding.
  9. Many families living below the poverty level or the laughable low-income level which is not a livable income
  10. Drug use out of control
  11. Loss of jobs and lack of available jobs to become employed again
  12. Home foreclosures
  13. Landlords reveling in the windfall from home foreclosure raising rents beyond anything reasonable or affordable
  14. Lack of a decent medical system/a failing medical system because:
  15. Too expensive, most cannot afford it
  16. Not enough doctors, nurses or facilities
  17. With most programs one must first see their primary care doctor to get a referral to a specialist, wait for the referral, then wait for that appointment, even if its urgent
  18. As with Worker’s Comp doctors, Medicare doctors are overworked and many are just not good doctors
  19. Immigrants are taking free medical care away from the needy of us and,
  20. Free medical care for immigrants is driving the cost up for the rest of us
  21. But, most of all, so many of our people, and our children, are ill that health care in one form or another is a major industry
  22. Our corrupt FDA allowing GMO’s and chemicals into our food without proper testing. Thus allowing an overflow of unhealthy food to reach our tables. One has to wonder why most, if not all of Europe has banned GMO’s, yet they abound in our USofA.
  23. The homeless. The number just keeps growing.
  24. There is not enough help for them
  25. Most cities turn them away or chase them out
  26. There are too many for the help out there to be effective

And, something I just learned:

  1. Female veterans are, by far, the fastest growing and largest number of homeless
  2. They are not safe out there so sleep in their cars if they have one
  3. Many have children with them and are trying to help their children survive
  4. To learn more, see:

Please, people, it is vital you stop emoting and protesting. Please, listen and think. Our Country is in a state of flux; a dangerous position. Those of you crying, “Let the immigrants in,” must step back from your emotional position and look clearly at the “State of our Union”.  It is in crisis. We need to heal our Country and ourselves before we can help any one else!
I have to wonder if the authors of, “Give us your tired, your hungry, your poor….” ever thought it would come to the point we have to say, “Enough! We cannot welcome any more to our shores!”

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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