Trump Makes A Deal!

(And everybody's stunned?)

by Phil Erwin

Wednesday, Sept. 6th saw that rarest of rare events in Washington – an actual deal being made between Democrats and Republicans.

Oh, wait a minute… The deal was actually between Democrats and President Trump. Republicans took themselves out of play, and then were actually stunned, even angry that it happened.

How could a Republican President deal with the Enemy?

Hmmm. A President the nation elected on his strength of making deals, whose fame and success was partly predicated on his having written a book entitled The Art of the Deal, shocked the Hell out of everybody by… wait for it… making a Deal!

Commentators all over the airwaves/Webwaves either lamented the deal (if Ruefull Right-leaning) or gleefully proclaimed it the beginning of the end of Republican rule (if Loony Left-leaning.)

Charlie Gasparino, financial analyst on the FOX Business Channel, practically proclaimed a Democrat coup – suggesting Trump had ceded Democrats a seat at the table for tax reform negotiations – as if they weren’t otherwise invited. Other commentators on FOX and FBN made it sound like the coup was almost kinetic enough to draw blood:

“Republicans were blind-sided!

“He threw his Cabinet [and] Paul Ryan under the bus…”

“For Conservatives, this is a disaster!”

In case you were visiting Mars, or were otherwise engaged yesterday and didn’t get the skinny, here’s the thumbnail sketch: President Trump met with leaders of both parties, and when they couldn’t all agree on a long extension of the nation’s debt ceiling and “Continuing Resolution” (government BS for a self-addressed IOU), the President got Democrat leaders Pelosi and Schumer to agree to a 3-month extension of those items, to be re-visited in December. And by doing so (as the pundit playbook apparently reads) Trump “guaranteed” that the Democrats would be in the driver’s seat when that new due date rolls around.

My question is: Why?

Why does a 3-month deal today control what happens in 3 months?

Why can’t the Dealmaker-in-Chief make a different sort of deal when that time rolls around?

All the newsies keep expecting Trump to behave like a politician, and insist on evaluating everything he says and does as if he were. He is not. He is a real-estate tycoon, which makes him more combination salesman/builder than politico. His perspectives on things don’t start and end with “What gains me power and control; what weakens me?

Trump’s perspectives focus on: “What is needed? What works? What makes things better? Who can help?

Ironically, the only person I heard properly evaluating this deal, and Trump’s reasons for making it, was Mark Cuban – himself a billionaire businessman. Cuban is like Trump: An iconoclast, a man who thinks for himself, and who is willing to re-evaluate and change his opinions based on the evidence at hand. He’s been a consistent critic of Trump, but in this case he thinks Trump did the right thing, for the right reason.

Here’s what Cuban told Neil Cavuto on FBN’s Coast to Coast:

It’s pure classic Trump… The thing about being a salesperson like President Trump is… you want to keep deals alive. The biggest fear a salesperson has is that a deal would die. And so even if it’s for a short-term, even if it’s with the Democrats – it keeps the deal alive… He’s being who the People elected him to be – a non-politician. He’s not a traditional Republican… He’s a deal-maker, and that’s what got him elected. So he’s trying to get deals done, without playing partisan politics. There’s a lot of things I disagree with him on, but this is one I think he’s hit the nail on the head. Stop being a politician, start working for the People, and I think that’s what he’s trying to do.

I also think it was a brilliant move. I’m pretty certain this is what Trump was thinking:

We face:

  • An extraordinary disaster in Texas which involved the entire nation in fund-raising and volunteering, and cleanup is just beginning;
  • At least one more distaster-level hurricane approaching our shores, with unknowable, serious impacts and costs to come;
  • An empty national bank account (we’re at the debt ceiling) which requires actual bi-partisan action by Congress to change. (Get that? No emergency funds, supplies or manpower for the hurricane disaster zones without Congressional agreement. How often in Trump’s Administration have we seen such “agreement”?)
  • A rogue nation (North Korea) on the verge of being able to drop nuclear fusion devices on our cities, and no real reason to think it won’t. And they’re colluding with Iran, sharing technology and know-how, and either one of those countries would be happy to obliterate us. Anytime;
  • There’s this little problem called “ISIS” hissing and sputtering and spitting around the globe.
  • Our military capacity and capability has been both over-stretched and deteriorating in recent years, and is in serious need of expensive re-vamping

Therefore: Our nation is in serious jeopardy, on multiple fronts, and needs Congress to get off their sorry duffs, actually get moving, and get things done!

That overworked phrase is precisely the point of this deal. Trump knows that the nation and his Administration are facing enormous, dangerous challenges. And Trump the businessman knows there is no time to waste arguing over minutiae, as is Congress’ wont. It’s time to move! If an 18-month deal would be good, but a 3-month deal is all that’s available, he’ll take it! If Republicans won’t push it through, but Democrats will, he’ll take it! Get those financial details swept out of the way, so the nation can get on with the really difficult, important, time-critical problems!

The newsies are stunned! Democrats are ecstatic! Republicans are aghast!

But that’s was a businessman does. He gets things done!

Get it?

Phil Erwin is an author, IT administrator and registered Independent living in Newbury Park. He would like to support some Democrat ideals, but he has a visceral hatred for Lies and Damn Lies (and is highly suspicious of Statistics.) That pretty much eliminates supporting most Democrats, and a bunch of Republicans to boot.

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