Twin Towers for Port Hueneme? | Hotel and 12-Story Business Office Towers Proposal


The City has received a proposal to develop twin 12-story towers on property located immediately west of Market Street and Surfside Drive at the entrance of the Lighthouse Promenade. One tower is designated for upscale hotel purposes while the other would provide Class A office space catering to customers, tenants and contractors of the Port and Navy. The proposal comes as a result of the City’s broad-based efforts to generate revenue by making the highest best use of property under its ownership.

The project is proposed by Harvey Champlin Associates, LLC., whose principal owner (Mr. Harvey Champlin) is a successful and well-regarded developer of hotel properties around the world. The planning, environmental review and permit process will likely take five or more years to complete The very first step is a Purchase and Sales Agreement that defines basic deal points and development parameters, including compensation to the City. A first draft of the Agreement was presented to the City Council at its meeting of October 16, 2017, and is expected to return within a month. It is important to point out that the Purchase and Sales Agreement is merely a starting point and does not constitute project approval. Numerous public hearings, special studies and community outreach will be conducted in the months and years to come before any final decisions are made. For more information, please visit the City’s website (Agenda Item #11.B.) at:…/U…/DocPreview.aspx…

Tom Dunn is a Port Hueneme civic activist working to restore PH financial and governmental stability. He heads the Port Hueneme Coalition of Concerned Citizens (PHCCC). He is retired- was a sales executive for major health care manufacturers and a small business owner.

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3 Responses to Twin Towers for Port Hueneme? | Hotel and 12-Story Business Office Towers Proposal

  1. KDR December 8, 2017 at 8:42 am

    It sounds like a security issue for the Port and Navel Base. A 12 story building would be the perfect place for terrorists spy or carry out an attack!

  2. Vince November 23, 2017 at 1:07 pm

    Great, great idea. Hope it comes to be.

  3. Stan Augustyniewicz November 1, 2017 at 11:41 am

    Trying to make Hueneme look like the SouthEast Coast?
    Tall Condoesque structures where Locals Can’t Afford to live blocking the only thing that was free in this nickel and dime county (the ocean view). The greed is beyond disgusting…


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