An Updated Statue of Liberty Inscription


By Richard A. Nixon

There are various of President Trump’s detractors who insist that the president’s calling Haiti and other countries “shitholes” is somehow racist. It can be readily verified that the president’s assessment is in fact correct and has nothing to do with the inhabitants’ race or ethnicity. There exists no evidence counter to this and of course, none is presented. The fact that the inhabitants are people “of color” does not alter the truth. If they were white, these descriptions would be equally accurate.

Again, referring to those entering our country from the country immediately to our South, is properly referred to as coming from Mexico, has nothing to do with their race or ethnicity. The detractors seem to be hung-up on the previous administration’s disdain for all things American and employ the same old tired, hackneyed terms such as racism.

Further, the fact that the majority of the six-or-so middle eastern counties are Muslim does not alter the fact that these countries are the main, if not exclusive, countries of origin of known terrorists bent on doing harm to America. Of course, President Obama had previously identified these same countries for precisely the same reason.

Eventually many shift their focus, still wearing racism glasses, to several instances of our historically racist immigration policy. In the late 1800s,  it is asserted, without evidence or authority, that the Chinese Exclusion Law was motivated by our determination that these Chinese immigrants were racially and culturally inferior and therefore must be removed. In fact the exclusion of Chinese was based on a treaty between the U.S. and China, to the effect that neither country would allow citizens from the other’s country to become citizens of their country. Hence, since none of the Chinese in this country could become American citizens and the Emperor of China deemed them his subjects, it was indeed proper to send them back to China from whence they came. There exists no evidence to suggest that this deportation was based on racism, ethnicity or any other improper factor.

The Johnson-Reed Act of 1924 was based on the fact that this country had seen a surge in immigration in the 1840s and 1880s and frankly we were no longer in need of relatively unskilled immigrants. The border was “closed” and remained so until 1965, without suffering any ill effects. Then the Lion of the Senate, Ted Kennedy of Mary Jo Kopechne fame,  threw the borders wide open again and it remains so to this day.

It is time for Congress to address the immigration issue and the RAISE Act is a great place from which to start. Contrary to the assertions of many on the Left, no person from another country has a right to enter, let alone become a resident or a citizen of this country The purpose of immigration is to benefit this country not the immigrant. Hence, if this country is in need of people with particular talents or skills, it is entirely appropriate to welcome these people to our shores. If this results in bringing in people of a certain race or ethnicity to the exclusion of others, so be it. Applying equal protection to this situation is demonstrably absurd.

The RAISE Act would institute a skills-based system similar to Canada’s and Australia’s. People would be rated based on factors to include their education, job skills, age, investment ability and English skills. Family members would be limited to spouses and minor children with an end to the extended families. The lottery system would also be terminated.

As for the DACA situation, the issue is whether the citizens of this country through their elected representatives, are to determine immigration policy or should it be determined by the illegal dumping of their minor children by the parents of these DACA “children.” These DACA individuals range from Ph.D.’s to MS-13 members. Treatment of these on a case-by-case basis should be obvious. Those responsible for creating this obviously unconstitutional situation, should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law including the participants within the Obama administration. As for the Dreamers and their illegitimate demands, they fall on deaf ears.

The bald assertion that leaving the borders wide open as it now exists is somehow consistent with this nation’s highest ideals, is seriously misplaced. It is the duty of our elected representatives to institute laws which protect the citizens of this country first, i.e., America first, with no apologies.

At last we have a president who is willing to address this issue head-on. The Left makes their distaste for our president obvious. Instead they should be attempting to find terms about which our representatives can agree rather than hurling invectives at the president and this country’s past to create division and chaos among us.

The Statue of Liberty should display an updated inscription which hearkens back to James Madison and his assertion of the purpose of our immigration policy. It should say, in effect, Come here, only if you intend “to increase the wealth and strength of the community,” The RAISE Act would do just that.

Richard A. Nixon,Esq., Author of America -An Illusion of Freedom

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  1. Naomi Fisher February 12, 2018 at 7:09 pm

    Good for you. I only wish this could go on the news in intact.
    You explain in very clear terms what needs to be said.


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