Ventura County DA concludes shooting of white suprema­cist by two deputies justifiable homicide

The Ventura County District Attorney’s Office reviewed the circumstances surrounding the July 12, 2013, shooting of Daniel Houfek by Ventura County Sheriff s Deputies Danielle Delpit and Brian Dent.

This is the full report: 14-065 Houfek Daniel OIS (Harman), authored by Senior Deputy District Attorney Christopher Harman.

From the report:

“On July 12, 2013, the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office received a call related to a suspicious vehicle parked near a Girl Scout camp outside Ojai, California. The vehicle had been parked there for more than an hour and a parent had related their concern about a “creepy looking guy” in the vehicle parked so close to the entrance of the camp.”

Deputy Danielle Delpit and her canine partner, Dano, were dispatched to Camp Arnaz with Deputy Brian Dent as backup.  Houfek was in a Chevy Suburban 200 feet from the gate and under the influence of methamphetamine.  Houfek was in possession of a loaded handgun. Delpit asked Houfek to exit the car. Instead he drove off at a high rate of speed.  The deputies pursued him along Highway 33 to Old Creek Road. 

Houfek stopped, exited his car and pointed the gun to his head, yelling: “Shoot me! Kill me!” He was ordered to drop the gun. Instead Houfek pointed it at Delpit.  She fired.  Eventually a chase ensued as Houfek went towards the Old Creek Winery, climbing over the winery’s metal gate.

From the Report:

“The deputies continued approaching while Houfek still possessed the handgun. He appeared to grow frustrated and threw the gun to the ground. The force caused the grip panels to break away from the gun and dislodged the magazine. 

“Houfek continued yelling at the deputies to kill him and the deputies ordered him to move away from the gun. Houfek lunged toward the gun on the ground and the deputies fired at him.

Houfek fell to the ground, partially covering the gun, and his hands were also underneath his body. The deputies again ordered Houfek to move away from the gun. Houfek made a movement toward the gun and Deputy Delpit fired again from approximately 10 feet away. The deputies were then able to handcuff Houfek and, at 5:59 p.m., requested emergency medical personnel to respond to the scene to treat Houfek’s injuries.”

Houfek died at the scene.











Daniel Houfek was a leader of the Deadline Family Skins.

The District Attorney’s conclusions that Deputy Delpit and Deputy Dent acted reasonably, and the killing was a justifiable homicide.

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