Ventura County Taxpayers Association Joins Lawsuit to Reform California Pension Rule

Case Headed for California Supreme Court

California’s major public pension systems are in deep trouble. They have been racking up hundreds of billions of dollars in pension debt and California cities are helpless to do anything about it. Many have just called for increased taxes to fund needed services like police and fire and improved roads (sound familiar?) when the real spending over time is simply going to go to feed public employee pensions.

Soon the California Supreme Court will have an opportunity to change that paradigm by allowing future benefits for future work to be negotiable. The so called “California Rule” has been used to prevent negotiations over benefits that have not yet been earned creating a massive obstacle for pension reform to control pension debt. VCTA has joined this case in an amicus brief that will argue for reform of the California Rule of vested rights. This case could bring about fundamental change. VCTA agrees with Chuck Reed, the former mayor of San Jose, that if the California Supreme Court agrees with the appellate court decision, “the legal door will be open for Californians to begin to take reasonable actions to save pension systems and local governments from fiscal disaster”.  

Watch this space for future developments and CLICK HERE for more complete information about what is going on. 

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One Response to Ventura County Taxpayers Association Joins Lawsuit to Reform California Pension Rule

  1. William Hicks July 11, 2017 at 9:58 am

    This could break up the incestuous relationship between politicians and public sector unions; something that County Supervisors like Parks and Bennett have been able to get reelected with the support of said unions. And guess who is left with the bill but the Tax Payer.


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