Ventura | Suspect arrested after allegedly chasing/sexually harassing Juveniles

Ventura Police Department – Incident Press Release 

On September 9th at 5:57 PM, the Ventura Police Command Center received a 911 call from the mother of a juvenile who was reporting that her son and his friend were being chased by a suspect later identified as 32 year old Ventura Tyler Spann in the 4600 block Telegraph Rd. During the chase, the juveniles smartly ran to the McDonalds located on Telegraph Rd. Once at McDonald’s they were picked up by one of their parents who began following Spann and informed the Command Center of his location.

As officers arrived, the youths told the officers that they were at the intersection of Telegraph and Colton when Spann approached them on a bicycle. Spann tried to engage the two in conversation by asking them questions, the content of which scared the two juveniles. Fearing for their safety, the two youths started to run away from Spann. Spann took chase after them and was able to stop one of the two. Once Spann caught up to the youth he made a sexual gesture towards the youngster. Again, fearing for his safety, the youth took off running until he made it to the McDonald’s.

Additional officers in the area stopped Spann in the area of Telegraph and Hoover. Once detained, Spann failed to listen to the officer’s directions and started fighting with the officers. After the struggle, two officers suffered minor injuries that did not require medical attention. Neither of the two juveniles was injured, and Spann had some minor abrasions. Spann was taken to a local hospital for a medical clearance and booked into Ventura County Jail for felony resisting arrest, felony delaying a peace officer and misdemeanor child annoyance.

According to the Ventura County Superior Court records, Spann has been convicted of felony battery on a peace officer in July 2017, felony resisting arrest in November 2015, misdemeanor resisting a peace officer in February 2015, and felony resisting a peace officer in December 2014.

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One Response to Ventura | Suspect arrested after allegedly chasing/sexually harassing Juveniles

  1. c e voigtsberger September 11, 2018 at 7:34 pm

    Sounds as if Mr. Spann needs to spend a little more time in the crossbar hotel to get his attitude adjusted. Felony battery on a police officer and 14 months later he is back out on the streets committing more crimes and fighting with the cops again. Obviously a slow learner. Perhaps a maximum sentence for felony battery on a police officer with no early release for non-violent offender will at a minimum keep our officers safe from having to file a worker’s compensation claim for injuries caused by Mr. Spann in his violence against peace officers. It may not change his attitude or propensity for committing crimes, but at least it will keep our cops from having to rassle with him for a few years.


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