Vista City Council voted to Oppose SB 54 & Join Amicus Brief

Thank Councilmembers for Standing Up for the Rule of Law!



By Jeff Schwilk

The Vista City Council voted 3-1 last month (June 26) to join the DOJ lawsuit against SB 54 (California Sanctuary State Law).  This agenda item slipped by everyone here in San Diego County and even the media has yet to report on it.   Council members John Franklin and Amanda Young Rigby brought the motion to the council and spoke passionately and eloquently about how it is all government officials in California’s duty to stand up and defend the U.S. Constitution and rule of law from “mob rule”, which is obviously what we have in Sacramento and many of our cities.  See Video below.

Read more here: http://aschaper1.blogspot.com/2018/06/breaking-vista-ca-votes-to-oppose.html

NOT included in Arthur Schaper’s blog post above is that Councilman Joe Green, a Latino activist for La Raza and a pro-alien RINO Republican, who has only been on the council for 18 months, brought 48 of his fellow far left activists to the council meeting (and bragged about it) thinking that he and they could block the resolution from passing by berating he council with left wing propaganda and lies.  He and his seething open border radicals failed, and pandemonium broke out at the meeting with racist, threatening comments and even death threats being hurled at Franklin, Rigby, and Mayor Judy Ritter.  Joe Green was so furious about the amicus brief resolution and the comments in support of it from Franklin and Rigby that he actually said this to the two of them during a break in the 4+ hour meeting:

”I’m so mad at you both right now that I can’t even tell you how much I hate you.  I just want to punch you in the face, like, really, punch you right in the face.”

And this thug elected official who threatens violence on his fellow city council members is now running for Mayor in November.  Hell no! 

Watch the resolution portion of the city council meeting here.  Fast forward to the 3:32 mark.


  1.  Please write a short email to the three members on the Vista Council who stood their ground against a 2 hour verbal assault by the leftists and voted for this important resolution joining the lawsuit against SB 54:




  1. Send a separate email and or call/leave a message for Councilman Joe Green slamming him for his outrageous remarks and threats of violence during the city council meeting against those who just want our laws enforced equally.  There is no place in the Republican Party or the City of Vista for his hatred, threats, and treasonous statements in the illegal immigration debate.  True conservatives stand for LEGAL immigration and following the law, period.  Since Mr. Green wants to protect criminal aliens in Vista, he needs to switch parties or resign.

E-Mail:  Councilman Joe Green  (jgreen@cityofvista.com) Phone: 760-639-6130

 Joe Green is believed to be part Latino and he has told people that he “identifies” as Latino.  See photo above. 

  1. Please plan to attend if you can the next Vista City Council meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 14th and express your support in person for the city council’s joining the amicus brief.  The council is dark in July.  Joe Green bragged during the last CC meeting that no one in Vista supports the amicus brief and the rule of law because no one knew about the agenda item and spoke against it.   Let’s show him how wrong he is.  Vista is a good, conservative, rule of law city and we all need to keep it that way. 


Jeff Schwilk  is founder, San Diegans for Secure Borders  www.Facebook.com/SanDiegansForSecureBorders

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