What’s the right choice for building your web presence?

No matter how you spin it, creating a website is complicated period. Television commercials, YouTube advertisements & paid search engine clutter will tell you otherwise, but a true professional is about to spill the beans. Top website builders such as Wix and Squarespace carelessly claim “skills not needed,” but in reality without them you are wasting your hard earned money and lots of unnecessary time. My Girl Friday 805, a professional WordPress website developer & expert WordPress troubleshooter has come to your rescue!
“I’ve seen it all,” says Lindsey Brower, the brains behind the now internationally recognized honest website designing company. “Many of my clients came to me not knowing how to develop or rank their site and have fallen into the pitfalls of free website builders or expensive SEO services.” Many spent tens of thousands of dollars on services that had little to no results, and it didn’t end there. Too many times, a hopeful small business owner will try to jump start their web presence, and believe it or not more than 164 million (Website Builders Expert) of them, decide to do it on their own. So many of these horrible mistakes could have been prevented! Here is a few ways to get the results you want the right way:
  • Always use a WordPress install on a CPanel hosting service
  • Choose a theme that is responsive & flexible
  • Research & Install plugins that will maximize traffic, minimize page loading time & create an engaging experience for your user.
  • Be social! As monotonous as it sounds, social media really is key to a successful business. Without it, you are not engaging your target audience and ultimately not growing your bottom line.
  • Create a blog. Blogging is an easy way to direct traffic to your site. Share what you know and be rewarded with loyal followers. Your future customers need the knowledge you share.
  • Never fall for solicitation. If a service provider contacts you without solicitation on your part, beware! This dog has claws that will dig in and won’t let go.
  • Do not buy into extras. Many hosting companies will offer you “professional” services from advertising to SEO, when in fact you can get these services for free. (Most of the time easy-to-use free plugins will succeed any paid service.)
  • Lastly, if this resonates as a foreign language, PLEASE do not hesitate to contact a professional website developer. There is no shame in asking for help. You know what you know, and we know what we do best!

Here are a few facts to help you understand the importance of this issue:

  • “…[W]ebsite builders are less powerful than a system like WordPress” (Entrepreneur.com)
  • “…[I]ndividuals requiring more customization, support, and expertise, hiring a WordPress web professional is the wisest choice. Your website is your number one marketing tool, and web professionals know the best ways to get your message across to your target audience.” (AndiSites)
  • “Subscription models have become very popular for many online products and it’s easy to see why. Paying $50 a month for a piece of software sounds a lot less jarring than forking over $595 at once. It’s very easy to get lulled into thinking that a low monthly fee is a great deal. However, a monthly fee paid over a few years could quickly add up to a far more expensive proposition, especially when you are paying for a template and a handful of usable features as opposed to a fully customized and serviced website. Even more so should they decide to up the monthly fee.” (SomeThumb)

Website development, design & search engine optimization at one low flat rate! No hourly fees, no long term commitments and especially no gimmicks. Save the inevitable heartache created by website builders, and get an honestly low-cost & successful solution.

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