Who Needs to Go Back Harper’s Ferry — The New Civil War




By Naomi Fisher

We have a Civil War going on in our country right now.

The stupid Republicans hate the Democrats and want to undo anything they have done.

The stupid Democrats hate the Republicans and anything they are trying to get done.

Worse yet, both the stupid Republicans and Democrats are at Civil War with us: WE, the People. Congress has decided THEY run the Country. THEY will decide which bills to pass and no longer need or want any input from us! Which puts WE the People caught in the cross fire without any weapons, any means to protect ourselves. Congress is making all of us victims and laying waste to this beautiful Nation of ours!

Let me share with you what was being covered on C-SPAN, the Congressional TV Station on Tuesday morning, 3/26/2017. The House was holding hearings/debating on bills to pass or defeat.
I was just in time to hear discussion on the bill to repeal SJ34, the FCC Internet Privacy Rule. Several Representatives took about a minute and a half to give their opinion on this bill. Unbelievably that bill passed!

*I quote: “House pulls the plug on internet privacy rules.”

“Republicans in the US House of Representatives approved a resolution that prevents privacy rules passed by the FCC last year from taking effect. The vote was 231 in favor and 189 opposing the measure.

“The Senate voted on Thursday to adopt the resolution to nullify the rules. All that’s left now is for President Donald Trump to sign the order. Earlier Tuesday, the White House said he plans to sign it.” https://www.cnet.com/news/house-votes-to-repeal-internet-privacy-rules-broadband-fcc/

*I quote: “House Republicans on Tuesday voted to repeal an FCC ruling that protects Internet users’ privacy, which now means Broadband companies will not have to explicitly ask for approval to access and use customer data for target marketing purposes…”

“Internet history, mobile location data, app usage history, financial information, health data, and the content of emails and messages are no longer truly private. Personal information, according to The Washington Post, is also more vulnerable to third-party attacks and hackers because the ruling releases Internet providers from obligations to increase protections against thieves.” http://www.newsmax.com/US/House-Republicans-internet-privacy/2017/03/28/id/781246/

This bill laid waste ALL controls leaving customers of broadband and other telecommunication services free reign over their domain. They now can sell to anyone anywhere whatever information they swipe from our email, online orders, tweets, twitters, etc. Nothing will be sacred and beyond their reach. As one Representative stated, “They do NOT need to know the size of our underwear. It’s none of their business.” No, indeed. But they can, and will, sell that!

Wrong? Yes! First of all, what little privacy we have left belongs to us. NOT to those greedy, moguls without a conscience. Or the lobbyists incurring their loyalty.
Second, what about the people under the Witness Protection Program who have put their lives in danger trying to protect the rest of us from killers, mafia, you name it? What about the people under the California Safe-at-Home Program who are on the run from abusive spouses, significant others or just plain weirdos? One misstep online, one order of: Ship To address and they are found, possibly dead!

Furthermore: There is a clause in this bill stating it can NEVER BE REVOKED! Which, I believe is illegal.

I think we should start a lawsuit against and/all Congresspersons who voted for this bill!

C-span.org request SJ34 for the original bill that was repealed.

How about Ted Cruz’s bill to repeal ALL Federal control for Climate Change in the US?

This erases control for clean air, environmental, endangered species, solid waste disposal (excuse me? What are we supposed to do with it?) and, any/all control or monitoring on carbon emissions. In effect, wipe out the EPA and everything it stands for!

*I quote: “The American Energy Renaissance Act, also sponsored in the House by Rep. Jim Bridenstine (R-OK), seeks to prevent the federal government from regulating greenhouse gas emissions through any of its executive agencies, particularly the Environmental Protection Agency. It would do so by expressly forbidding any efforts to fight climate change under five laws — The Clean Air Act, The Federal Water Pollution Control Act, the National Environmental Policy Act, The Endangered Species Act, and The Solid Waste Disposal Act.

“Additionally, if the bill became law, the government would not be able to use the Clean Air Act to regulate carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, hydrofluorocarbons, perfluorocarbons, or sulfur hexafluoride. All current attempts to regulate carbon pollution by the EPA would be repealed. That includes controversial proposed rules to limit carbon pollution from new and existing power plants, but also seemingly includes highly successful and relatively uncontroversial measures like fuel economy standards for cars.”

Unfortunately, the repeal on carbon emissions did pass:
*I quote: “Law360, Washington (December 1, 2015, 6:37 PM EST) — The U.S. House of Representatives on Tuesday passed resolutions to repeal the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s contentious Clean Power Plan for existing power plants and a rule limiting carbon emissions from new power plants, over the strong objections of Democratic lawmakers.
“The resolutions, each expressing formal congressional disapproval under the Congressional Review Act of a particular EPA carbon rule, passed in 242-180 and 235-188 votes. The resolutions, which both previously passed the Senate, would nullify the disputed rules and prevent “substantially similar” rules being introduced in…”

DID YOU SEE THAT? “…prevent “substantial similar” rules being introduced…?”

*I quote: “For starters, the new Senate is set to be packed with a brand new crop of Republican climate change deniers and big boosters of fossil fuels who don’t agree with the mainstream scientific consensus on global warming….

“Senators McConnell and Inhofe made a pledge of their own, vowing to rein in regulations from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), a common target for Republicans. Inhofe told climate skeptic think tank, the Heartland Institute, ‘I will be replacing Democratic Senator Barbara Boxer as chairman of the Environment and Public Works Committee, so we can go back and start using CRAs – that’s Congressional Review Acts – to repeal or to stop some of the onerous regulations that are taking place’.”

Dangerous? Yes! Perhaps we should send Ted Cruz, along with everyone else in Congress who voted for it, to China. Let them try and breathe without the gas masks many people have to wear in the cities over there because their leaders ruined the air everyone needs to breathe to stay alive!

Ruining the air is what Ted Cruz and his cronies/minions want to do to the US!

Last: What about Congress trying to repeal the Affordable Care Act – WITHOUT anything decent to take its place? How many years did either party have to fix the faults? Why wasn’t something done long ago?


Please, stand with me! Contact Congress and our President. We must stand up and say: ENOUGH! Get your act together, start working together for the good of our County and our Citizens. Don’t forget, WE elected you. WE are paying your salary. YOU MUST AND WILL WORK FOR THE PEOPLE OF THE UNITED STATES !

Naomi Fisher is a resident of Ventura County

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