Wife of Dying World War 2 Vet asks for a Kind Word for Her Husband

Louie Martinez

By Rose Martinez
Louie Martinez, my husband, served in the US Army with the 27th Combat Engineers. On November 1945 it was re-designated the 27th Construction Engineers.
During the war Louie was helping unload an LST, Landing Ship, Tank. General MacArthur was nearby getting his photo taken. Suddenly they were under attack by air.  The sailor manning the 20 millimeter gun panicked and laid down, flat on the deck. An officer asked Louie if he could shoot a 20 millimeter and so, my husband, an army corporal, manned that naval gun without a thought to his own safety. .

The exploits of Louie’s battalion were later written up in “Going hard : history of overseas war service of 27th Engineer Construction Battalion, December 1943-October 1945“. (Book, 1946) [WorldCat.org].

Long after the gunfire ceased, Louie was in the HONOR FLIGHT group that visited the WWII Memorial in Washington DC. where they hoisted a United States flag, a flag that Louie served proudly.  At the same time as they did that another flag was hoisted over the New Kabul Compound, Afghanistan in my husband’s honor. .

Louie was later awarded the Philippine Liberation ribbon with one bronze service star but not the medal since the Philippine government no longer issues it.
 “The Philippine Liberation Medal is a military award of the Republic of the Philippines which was created by an order of Commonwealth Army of the Philippines Headquarters on December 20, 1944. The award was presented to any service member, of both Philippine Commonwealth and allied militaries, who participated in the liberation of the Philippine Islands between the dates of October 17, 1944, and September 2, 1945.”  https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Philippine_Liberation_Medal
My husband is now in hospice so, please, pray for him. Our four children were here visiting with him on his birthday.  My husband turned 92 on the 2nd of January.
Now he is failing fast, much too fast for all of us. 
Those who would like to please send their greetings and good wishes to editor@citizensjournal.us and we will pass them on to Louie.
It would mean a lot to him.
Editor’s Note:  This letter from Mrs. Martinez was given to Citizens Journal by family friend, Frank Suha

Louie is listed in column 1, of the book Going Hard


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One Response to Wife of Dying World War 2 Vet asks for a Kind Word for Her Husband

  1. Citizen Reporter February 9, 2017 at 9:51 pm

    Mr Martinez:

    Thank you so much for your service and bravery. If that other soldier panicked on that terrible day in 1945, it must have been fearsome on that LST.

    You must have had a good life so far and a devoted wife. God bless you and family. God awaits your return.


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