William J. Federer: “Pastors and churches founded communities in America”



By Michael Hernandez

NEWBURY PARK—“Pastors and churches founded communities in America,” said William J. Federer at Godspeak Calvary Chapel, 2697 Lavery Ct. as his response to critics who talk about separation of church and state.    Federer used examples such as Rev. John Lothropp (Massachusetts); Rev. Roger Williams (Rhode Island); Rev. John Wheeler (New Hampshire and Massachusetts); and Rev. Thomas Hooker (Connecticut).

“The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut” was authored by Hooker and some have called this writing the first written democratic constitution establishing a representative government.  Hooker was “the father of American democracy.”  His sermon formed his “congregational church, formed a community government model for us, as did his Constitution.”

According to Federer, the colonists had moved from the “divine right of the king” where “power wants to concentrate” and where the “king is a glorified gang leader with a patronage system of favoritism and corruption” to “we the people” model of government where “every citizen participated.”

The early citizens “covenanted with each other under God.  Rights came from God.  We were accountable to God.  It was the Mayflower Compact where a civil body of politics” was created and now government was not “top down” but bottom up.”

Federer said when the Constitution was ratified, Harvard President Samuel Langdon in 1788 said, “The republic of the Israelites was an example to the American states.  They had no king for 400 years.  In ancient Israel, everyone was equal.  This concept of equality, everyone equal to you, not more equal, not less equal; no king; and private land owners.

“Israel had no police, no standing army, all men were armed—to defend family and community—no prisons, a bureaucracy free welfare system where the poor were taken care of without politicians.  There was a system of honesty—as the basis for commerce.  People chose their elders from the tribes.”

“Harvard President Langdon said ‘Israel may be considered a well regulated nation, under laws far superior to what any other nation could boast.’

“The notion of the people was that God watched everyone.  God wanted you to be fair.  God will hold you accountable.   People had internal morals and the God of the Bible to follow.  

“We are going to be controlled either voluntary from the inside or from the outside.   When the priests stopped teaching the law; then every man did what was right in his own eyes (Judges 17:6 and 21:25).

William J. Federer

(Editor’s Note:  William J. Federer, president of Amerisearch, Inc. a publishing company dedicated to researching America’s heritage, author of 20 books, will be one of the speakers at Monday’s gathering of pastors in Sacramento about AB2943.  See his website at:  www.AmericanMinute.com.)


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