Why Is This the Year When Democrats Are Cleaning The Sexual Morass?



By Girdis Eckstein

I remember Bill Clinton’s sexual misdeeds. I remember Hilary’s defenses, thereof and, how well I remember the total silence of the feminist establishment about the whole matter. We also must remember Ms. Kirsten Gillibrand’s silence then, as an academic then, and now as a senator remember her total support of Hilary Clinton, defender of a philandering husband. Gillibrand became a senator in 2009.

Furthermore, we must remember that the Hollywood swamp has been famous for sexual misdeeds, rapes, and aggressions for as long as I can remember. Who can forget the salacious jokes about actresses who gained their fame on a Hollywood casting couch. Of course, everyone knew everything Harvey Weinstein was up to—it wasn’t that private. Now suddenly all the disgusting details of his, and other actor’s behaviors rise to the fore. Why did the lid of the sex-kettle pop off now? I can tell you that it popped off with the permission of the Democratic party which, until now, had taken the huge amounts of money Hollywood stuffed into their coffers, sealing women’s complaints under granite lids.

Okay, but why furthermore exposing Democrat Senators to the light of day and showing their age-old ill-treatment of women through their power. And, why, are they suddenly dismissing the sex-perps from the senate? It was even brought to everyone’s knowledge that these rogue senators had paid off women’s law-suits with taxpayer monies. So why is the party shedding “Senate Icons,” as Nancy Pelosi wailed right before she dropped the “Icon?”

I can tell the reason for all these behaviors. The Democrats must clean their sexual stall of Augeas before they undertake their full frontal attack on President Trump. Kirsten Gillibrand is already in full attack mode, for methinks the lady has presidential ambitions and wants to show her mettle to the left of the Democratic party.

Let me preface my following discourse by stating that I abhor every and all abuse of females, sexual and otherwise. I want you to know that I stood for the decision in the case of Roe v Wade. I still believe that in certain cases a first-trimester abortion should be available, although I have drawn my line when it comes to abortion as a means of birth control. I believe that women of today have better available options at their disposal.

Having stated my beliefs, I must now explain what I see as sexual politicking. A most awful, disgusting use of smearing people running for office or already installed, because a party wants to ruin and eliminate them. The problem is that sexually bad behavior goes through the male complement of both parties and, is not only the domain of the male sex. I have seen plenty of women behave badly at political parties, leading men on provocatively.

Women in the film industry knew very well what was expected of them and went along with the expectations to further their ambitions. However, I do not want to moralize. What adult people choose to do with their lives is not my providence. Coercion, however, is another matter.

A long time ago we, as a nation, lost our moral compass. Together with women’s lib our psychologist and New-age religious gurus freed us of guilt, shame and a fully developed conscience, leaving women free to take to bed any man they fancied—never-mind the consequences. You would be amazed to know the new heights of sexually transmitted diseases attained as a consequence of that new behavior.

The way I see it, women lost in the sex game, for when they casually participated in recreational sex, men got the idea that women should be available at their beck and call, never mind the grossness of their desires.

My solution to the entire mess is that we hold men accountable for their behavior by inflicting upon them again the good old measures of guilt, shame and social disapproval. And, by the same token, tell our young women not to dress outlandishly provocative and use their bodies like lures in a fishpond.

I have been told by visitors from other countries that our culture of giving friendly hugs at greetings, presents males opportunity to run roving hands quickly over bodies assessing the desirability of their object. Wow! Think about that.

Until we have an honest conversation on ethics and morals again in this country, examining the behaviors of both sexes, the problem of sexual aggression cannot be resolved.


Girdis Eckstein is a resident of Ventura County

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