Zuckerberg testimony to Congress: ‘My mistake, I’m sorry’

Facebook chief Mark Zuckerberg says he accepts responsibility for the social network’s failure to protect private data and prevent manipulation of the platform, according to testimony released Monday on the eve of his first Congressional appearance.

2 Responses to Zuckerberg testimony to Congress: ‘My mistake, I’m sorry’

  1. Dotty Pringle April 13, 2018 at 9:26 am

    Why are people so willing to sell their privacy too? It goes both ways….
    However, when a social media acts like a communist party (Nextdoor) and reprimands users for a different thought process, you must ask yourself, is it worth it? Such unprofessional ways of trying to monitor grown adults!
    Privacy is precious and I think Nextdoor needs Bully Hunters too; these three leads on Hollywood and Silver Strand are not very honest and it shows. They CONSTANTLY troll info to the public and
    send nasty private emails to people who don’t want BS put out into public. THEY need to be monitored for harassment! YOU LEADS ARE A DISCOMFORT TO MANY and it’s too bad that no one wants to help you with this.
    Maybe Nd should see how immature, dishonest and mean their leads have become. These women certainly know how to DISRESPECT VETERANS!

  2. William Hicks April 11, 2018 at 2:37 pm

    Because of Congress’ lack of technical expertise, Mr. Z is running circles around them. They don’t even know how and what to ask.

    But, so would I. I just know that people using Facebook should have known nothing is for free.


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